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Operation Dust Storm Begins! source

The team over at Questing Knights has put together their own Dust campaign newsletter. This a great read, and we hope you will join us in supporting the Questing Knight's new endeavor.  In this weeks edition they have a new raiding mission for us, I can't wait to play the Battlefield version myself. 

Download your copy of the The Cairo Chronicle here...

Download the "The Raid" Mission by clicking a format type below
Dust Tactics...
Dust Battlefield...

Paolo's Dust World Tour

Shortly after the dust expo in Arizona, Paolo was off to his next tournament in Italy. Looks like another great tournament! Wish I could have made this one, for those like myself who were unable to attend, we have some cool photos of the tournament in action.

Check out the rest of the photos here...
Dust Adventures RPG Facebook

Show your support for the Dust RPG by checking out their facebook and liking them. Thier Facebook is a great source for some inspiring Dust artwork and photos. 

Check and like their Facebook page here...

Some Cool new Models

Coming In the near future from Dust Studios, two new and awesome heroes!
Paolo is always posting cool new things up on Facebook make sure you check it out to see the latest awesome models he is cooking up!


Dust Expo 2015

Sadly I was not able to go to the Dust Expo this year, But I been following all the photos that have been posted on facebook and man it looked like a whole lot of fun. From the cool looking labyrinth to the tournaments themselves this event has it all!

Check out the rest of the event photos here...
Check out the new models being show off at the expo

From Rocket packs to Girls Firing Massive guns, the next releases for dust look simply amazing. 

Check out the new models here...
 Dust Chronicles Monthly

The new issue of Dust Chronicles Monthly is available from today. It can be downloaded for free from the pages of www.dust-monthly.com
This issue contains the rules for Dust Air Combat, UK Dust Knights Spotlight, How to make a Laser Flak-Vierling and much more. . . .

Get your copy here... 

News On Kickstarter Front

The latest update from the Dust Operation Babylon Kickstarter has some tentatively positive news. 

Check out the update on the Kickstarter page here...
Dust Warfare Will Continue 

Warfare players can rest easy, knowing that their preferred form of the game will continue to be supported. Paolo has given Warfare over to be fan-created and controlled. Gregory Withrow and the other Warfare players in his team have some awesome things planned for Warfare! Warfare 2.0 is on its way, along with Ad Hoc Platoons.

Dust Tactics fans, don't worry - Paolo has said that a new rulebook for Dust 3.0 is in the works, as well as new cards, so you will not be forgotten! 

This is truly an awesome time for Dust players.

Unboxing the Premium SSU Babylon boxset

Attilla DustZone put together a great video featuring the Dust Studios Pre-printed range. The SSU Spetsnaz box features 2 walkers, one tank, a hero and two full platoons of infantry. 

Kickstarter Update #103

Paolo shared some progress on the Dust kickstarter, this week showing that they have finished the last bits needed to complete the Wave One orders.  We are hoping that this means that they will be heading to the kickstarter backers ASAP. 

Check out the full Kickstarter update here...

Paolo Reveals What is Next For Dust!

This week Paolo has stirred the Dust Tactics community with an awesome drawing (shown to the right) and his comments on possibilities for a Blutkreuz Sub-Bloc. Those who know me know I love Blutkreuz zombies and that I have an unhealthy number of Axis Zombies. So more Blutkreuz models will always find a home in my army. 

What about those who don't play Blutkreuz? Paolo also talked about some of the other exciting things on the horizon! 

Check out my full article on the upcoming Dust here... 
Incoming Mortar Fire!

This week we bring you some long waited PDFs for the Axis and Allied winter mortar teams. This cards allow you to use Paolo's alternative Winter Mortars in Dust Tactics and Dust Battlefield.

Check out the Allied Cards here...
Check out the Axis Cards here... 

Dust Adventures Shipping Out April!

For those who don't already know the Dust Adventures RPG is up for pre-ordered.  The RPG Core Rulebook will be shipping out April 2015 and pdf orders will be sent out as soon as they are completed, this is awesome times for those who love both RPGs and Dust. 

"I Personally cannot wait till the Dust RPG is live, people who know me well know that I came late to RPGs in life (sometime after collage) and immediately fell in love with them and the worlds you can build and adventures to be had. Dust Adventures is a great newcomer to the World of Dust and I am am elated to see it nearing completion. Its rare to have an Great RPG setting that I already have all the models i need for it before its even released!." -Andrew Haught 

Click here to sign up for more news on the RPG...
Click here to go the the Dust Adventures main page,,,

Another great Dust Tactics Battlefield video form the Gamemasters Hobby Youtube guys. If english is your only langue then this may not be the video for you, but even not knowing the langue it is easy to follow the gameplay on thier awesome industrial ruins table. 

Check out more of Gamemasters Hobby's videos here... 

  Dust Chronicles March 2015 Issue

Dust Chronicles March issue is now live, the issue covers some cool modeling articles along with a look back over the years, and more. I  am excited to try out the Victory Bridge V2 mission.

If you have not been following the news or do not know about Dust Chronicles, it is a monthly magazine that features  above all else everything Dust! It has some awesome content and is always worth a read. We as a community need to support groups like Dust Chronicles crew as much as possible  and let them know how much we appreciate  their amazing work. 

Check out the Dust Chronicles main website here...
Download the March Edition of Dust Chronicles here...

Kickstarter Update 100

New update, this one is important guys. We looking to sort out all the unresponsive orders, make sure your name is not on our list.

Check it out here...

Allied Paratrooper Platoon

Lead by Action Jackson these elite troops are ready to airdrop into any situation and neutralize any threats that may encounter.   This is a platoon we started talking about before the Kickstarter but now with an official PDF we can get back into the discussion and playtesting.

Check out the PDF here... 

Yakov’s Stormwall Platoon

The defensive fortifications that now protects SSU controlled Zverograd and Moscow has been nicknamed the “Stormwall”, this is due to the dark grey concrete of it’s trenches and bunkers and its’ predisposition to fire lighting-bolts from its Tesla bunkers at any advancing enemy...

In this new Platoon for the SSU we find out how to get Fortifications in your Dust Battlefield armies, the answer is to run a Fortification Platoon, these platoons always defends in missions and have access to many differing Fortifications. 

Check out the Platoon PDF here...

Dust Chronicles Is Back!
Dust Chronicles is back, and they have a new website! If you have not seen any of the Dust Chronicles magazines before,  Dust Chronicles magazines is a web based magazine that focus exclusively on everything Dust, to cool campaign ideas to Rosies Scrap Yard this magazine will have you counting down the seconds till the next one is published.

Check out their site here...

Fortifying Dust Battlefield 

With the new SSU Fortification Platoon now live I thought I would write a small article on how to field Fortifications in Battlefield. What Base size should they be? Where can I find the rules for constructed Fortifications, where can I find some of the parts used? All questions that I answer in this article.  

Check out the rules behind Fortifications here...

Creating Trenches For Dust Battlefield

This week I (Andrew Haught) am showing off one of my latest projects, the SSU Fortification Trenches for Dust Battlefield, I been busy. After coming up with the Platoon concept, I made a large order with Paulo who was probably once again thinking that I am quite mad after my last order of 127 Zombies. In this Article I thought I would share how I constructed my trenches in case someone else wants to be as crazy as I am. 

Check out the full Article here...

Kickstarter Update 99

We can report some positive progress in this week kickstarter update. 

Check out the full story here...

Change In Web Address


Until recently, this website was accessible through several different domain names. One of these, www.dust-tactics.com, is owned by Dust Studios, who have decided to discontinue this domain.

From now on, the best way to access this site is to use the domain www.worldofdust.net. The website content remains unchanged, and will continue to offer support for Dust Tactics, Dust Tactics Battlefield and Dust Warfare, along with our active discussion forum.

We apologise for any disruption or inconvenience.

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