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Kickstarter Update 100

New update, this one is important guys. We looking to sort out all the unresponsive orders, make sure your name is not on our list.

Check it out here...

Allied Paratrooper Platoon

Lead by Action Jackson these elite troops are ready to airdrop into any situation and neutralize any threats that may encounter.   This is a platoon we started talking about before the Kickstarter but now with an official PDF we can get back into the discussion and playtesting.

Check out the PDF here... 

Yakov’s Stormwall Platoon

The defensive fortifications that now protects SSU controlled Zverograd and Moscow has been nicknamed the “Stormwall”, this is due to the dark grey concrete of it’s trenches and bunkers and its’ predisposition to fire lighting-bolts from its Tesla bunkers at any advancing enemy...

In this new Platoon for the SSU we find out how to get Fortifications in your Dust Battlefield armies, the answer is to run a Fortification Platoon, these platoons always defends in missions and have access to many differing Fortifications. 

Check out the Platoon PDF here...

Dust Chronicles Is Back!
Dust Chronicles is back, and they have a new website! If you have not seen any of the Dust Chronicles magazines before,  Dust Chronicles magazines is a web based magazine that focus exclusively on everything Dust, to cool campaign ideas to Rosies Scrap Yard this magazine will have you counting down the seconds till the next one is published.

Check out their site here...

Fortifying Dust Battlefield 

With the new SSU Fortification Platoon now live I thought I would write a small article on how to field Fortifications in Battlefield. What Base size should they be? Where can I find the rules for constructed Fortifications, where can I find some of the parts used? All questions that I answer in this article.  

Check out the rules behind Fortifications here...

Creating Trenches For Dust Battlefield

This week I (Andrew Haught) am showing off one of my latest projects, the SSU Fortification Trenches for Dust Battlefield, I been busy. After coming up with the Platoon concept, I made a large order with Paulo who was probably once again thinking that I am quite mad after my last order of 127 Zombies. In this Article I thought I would share how I constructed my trenches in case someone else wants to be as crazy as I am. 

Check out the full Article here...

Kickstarter Update 99

We can report some positive progress in this week kickstarter update. 

Check out the full story here...

Change In Web Address


Until recently, this website was accessible through several different domain names. One of these, www.dust-tactics.com, is owned by Dust Studios, who have decided to discontinue this domain.

From now on, the best way to access this site is to use the domain www.worldofdust.net. The website content remains unchanged, and will continue to offer support for Dust Tactics, Dust Tactics Battlefield and Dust Warfare, along with our active discussion forum.

We apologise for any disruption or inconvenience.

Kickstarter Update 98

Well another week another Dust Kickstarter update. Update 98 is now live on the Dust Babylon website.

Check out the latest update here...
Starting With Dust Tactics, Battlefield And Warfare 
While I was exploring the dust facebook page this week I came across this incredibly helpful Video. No Jugar Mata put together a great guide to help new players sort their way through the myriad of Dust games.  

Find more of No Jugar Mata videos here...
Dust KV47Walker 14A Marcel's Amazing KV-47

Check out the world of Dust-Models.com, someone has painted a stunning KV-47 using Paolo's larger scale model range. This KV-47 Walker is simply awesome. I wish I could paint all my KV-47s in my army this good. This inspirational diarma is a must see and really gets my creative mind thinking on my next SSU project.  

Check out Marcel du Long's full blog post here... 

Update 96: A statement from Battlefront Miniatures

Some of you are aware of the recent allegations playing out on Facebook, and are eager for an official statement from Battlefront clarifying our position. For those of you who weren't aware of the unpleasantness, we apologise for having to bring it to your attention now.
The rumours and speculation on social media regarding the current state of the Dust Operation Babylon Kickstarter are becoming out of control. We would prefer to keep ugly disagreements out of the public eye, but we cannot remain silent any longer without giving the impression that we are hiding something.  However, we will not be engaging in a trial by social media. Facebook is not the place to professionally resolve issues. Especially not when we are still optimistic that the situation can still easily be salvaged through negotiation in good faith.
There are two sides to every story, and a significant dispute remains regarding the parties’ obligations. Battlefront has repeatedly sought professional mediation with Dust Studio as a way to resolve this dispute fairly, which is the usual way to resolve contractual disagreements like this. We are still actively pursuing this.

art We still expect a satisfactory outcome, but it will come a lot sooner if Dust Studio stop trying to manipulate backers through social media, with a lot of inaccurate and incomplete statements, and instead sit down and resolve their problems in a professional manner. If you really do stand with Dust Studio, the best thing you can do is to encourage them to agree to neutral professional mediation. 

 -Battlefront Miniatures

Dust World Expo 2015

  The new Dust Expo Site is up and running. What is Dust World Expo? It is the annual celebration of all things Dust! The Expo will be located in Mesa, Arizona and will be held on March 27-29th. It is a great event for any fan of  Paolo Parente’s world of Dust. in addition to all the tournaments  and game events there will be a Miniature and Model Competition,  Dust Cosplayers, Special Guests, Cool Prizes, Pre-release Exclusives, Full Scale Dust Tech Displays and more!

Check out the Dust World Expo site for all the details....

Dust Tactics Poland's Comparison Video

The Guys at Dust Tactics Poland go into detail on their thoughts on the new Dust Babylon starter set units. In this video they review the Allied and Axis Army boxes. 

Make sure you check out Dust Tactics Poland's other Dust videos here...

Dust Kickstarter Update #91
We have good news for our Australian and New Zealand backers with confirmation of the arrival dates for the wave 1 sea freight! The vessel carrying the NZ container arrived late last night and the one heading to Australia is scheduled to arrive next Monday.

Check out the full update here... 

Hi Guys, I'm Back!

Hi guys Andrew here, 

I just got back this week from my trip back to the states to visit friends and family that I have not seen since I moved over to New Zealand back in 2013.  It was great meeting up with Dust players and fans in Idaho and Arizona, it is good to see how much love there is for Dust. Now that I am back I will be back at updating the Dust Website and lending my aid once again to the Dust Kickstarter. In this week Dust site update I thought I would share some of the cool Dust things that I caught over the holiday break.   

Dingos In The Dust Episode 5

The Dingos in the Dust podcast guys now have 5 and 1/2 Podcasts episodes online! It is a must hear for all Dust fans and a great to listen to on that commute to work or school. The show mixes great Dust knowledge with their own special brand of awesome. Make sure you give them your support and let them know how much we as a community enjoy their podcast. 

Check out their podcasts here... 

Dust Devils Poland Babylon Battle Report

It is always good to see great Dust themed content on youtube and the Dust Devil Poland boys deliver with another awesome Dust video.  This time they are  giving us a Dust Tactics Battle Report! Make sure you support those in our Dust community that go above and beyond to grow the community, so make sure drop a comment to simply let the Dust Devil Poland crew know that we appreciate their efforts. 

Check out the Dust Devil Poland crew’s Youtube videos here...

Dust Warfare Babylon PDF

Special thanks to Gregory F. Withrow, Major Malfunction, and C.S. Barnhart for helping us create the Warfare cards and PDFs for Babylon. With their help and with work from the guys at Battlefront, we now have a Warfare Babylon PDF. In this PDF you will have everything you need to run all the Babylon models. This PDF is 44 pages long with seven new platoons!  


Check out the new PDF here...

The Battle for Ranuigrad - Part 1

For the final T.C.O.W. club meeting of the year, Damian ran a DUST Battlefield mega-battle!  What a way to launch off the holiday season. Each player made a 75 point list and each side was limited to bringing one of each hero. This point size made for some really interesting lists.  Even I (Andrew Haught) was invited to join in on the fun. 

Check out part one of this New Zealander Mega Battle here...

Babylon Unboxing
from Dust Tactics Poland

Marek Laskowski Take us through unboxing his Babylon models. 

Christmas Kickstarter Update

We are getting in an early Christmas Greeting this year, as our regular Friday Kickstarter update is scheduled for Boxing Day in New Zealand (a statutory public holiday). The next regular update will be on the 9th of January.  

New Zealand and Australian Backers  
We really wanted to make sure that you received your Wave 1 items before Christmas, but we know it is not going to make it in time, sorry. Believe us when we say that we feel your pain, as our own orders are in the same shipment heading down from Malaysia. We expect to have good news when we return after the Christmas break, though.
Missing or Broken Babylon items 
Many of you will have already seen the update from Paolo about a missing tank component from the primed SSU Army Deal. If you haven’t, please get in touch with the Dust Studio guys at info@dustgame.com and enter 'KS-SSU-missing-Part' as the subject line to make sure your email gets dealt with quickly. You can use the same email address for any other problems with your Babylon products.

Problem Orders 
We still have a number of orders where we have been unable to get a response back. Please double-check your spam filters for emails from our Customer Service team. If we cannot get hold of you, we cannot ship you anything…

Merry Christmas, Everyone 
From all the team at Dust Studio and Battlefront, we hope that you enjoy the holiday season, have fun with your families and friends, and most importantly stay safe and come back next year for more gaming!


Unfortunately it seems that those Primed Tank turret parts are still here at the Factory...

Parts will be shipped at our cost to all of you.

Please send an e-mail with this subject: KS-SSU-missing-Part
to this address: info@dustgame.com

Please specify your name and address,

Philippe will gather your requests and start shipping next week.
Here at Dust Studio we are all TRULY SORRY for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your kind patience!!!

-Paolo Parente 

Dust Kickstarter Update #91

Stock have arrived in the US!

We have seen plenty of images on social media over the past week with people showing off their new Operation Babylon Army Deals, and we wanted to confirm that US customers will be joining the party shortly.

The Wave 1 stocks have arrived in our US warehouse and the team is busy getting everything picked and packed as fast as they can!

Warfare Babylon PDF

With all the work being done on the Babylon Kickstarter we been delayed releasing the Warfare PDF, rest assured it will be online in next week's Dust update.  


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